Game Schedule 9.1.16 vs. Cinco Ranch

JV (Home) vs Cinco Ranch

Thursday, September 1, 2016 7:00 PM at Berry Center

You will need to have the following items for this week’s game:

  • Black Band shoes and socks (solid black “over the calf” socks)

  • Show Shirt and performance shorts

  • Instrument

  • No visible jewelry (this includes watches, rings, earrings, etc.) If you have ear lobe

  • Studs which cannot be removed, they must be covered with a piece of a band-aid.

  • No finger nail polish

  • No Facial Hair

  • JVHS Band Water Jug

  • Flip Folder

  • All Color Guard Supplies

  • Percussion and loading crew must eat before loading the equipment vehicles. Please allow them to go to the front of the lines.

  • If you did not order Pre-Game meals, please make arrangements to have a sack lunch or to have food brought to you after rehearsal ends. Students are not allowed to leave campus.

2:40 PM School Ends 3:10 PM Rehearsal- in marching shoes, socks, t-shirt (Non-Band Shirt is fine), shorts 3:55 PM Eat, Pack and Load 4:45 PM In Chairs 5:00 PM Inspection 5:10 PM Load Buses 5:20 PM Leave JVHS 7:00 PM Game at Berry (Home) 9:30 PM Back to JVHS

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday Night!

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